Astakos Emergency and Rescue

Our Emergency and Rescue teams work at events and in public using both static treatment centres and using our fleet of vehicles to access any location as quickly as possible. From 4x4 response units and rescue support vehicles to cycles and kayaks, we can quickly access any location to provide our Emergency and Rescue response.

Any event, any time

Our teams are available to provide a tailored service to your event 24/7. We work with you to provide you with an Emergency and Rescue solution that fits your requirements and guarantees the safety of your staff and clients.

Rescue Technicians

Our rescue technicians are trained to initiate a rescue response, along side our Medical Team, in nearly any location! We can provide trained rescue teams for both land and water rescues from 50 to -50 degrees Celsius.

We are however sorry to say that we do not conduct cave rescues except in extenuating circumstance. 

Medical Staff

Our medical staff are specialists in Emergency Care. We cover events of any nature and any size. Our dynamic medical teams include First Responders,, Ambulance Technicians, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors. Whatever the requirement of your event, we've got the right team for the job!

Thousands of safe clients.

Astakos Emergency and Rescue have seen thousands of people safely through their day. From the accident free to the accident prone, they've all made it unscathed or well looked after.

Why Us?

No environment, location or task is beyond the scope of our Emergency and Rescue teams.

If you require an Emergency and Rescue response team, contact us today!